ScriptMed Enterprise

ScriptMed's innovative, robust technology finally enables you to run your business on one application. Combining Referral, Clinical, Financial, Pharmacy Operations, and Fulfillment functionality in one paperless application enables you to differentiate your company from your competitors by providing ready access to the right data. . . at the right time. In addition to providing the number one end-to-end commercial enterprise solution for specialty pharmacies, the ScriptMed platform can also be configured to meet the business management needs of a broad spectrum of health care and pharmaceutical companies.

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  • Functionality

    ScriptMed's robust functionality handles everything from care management to fulfillment to reporting. The configuration of each ScriptMed client is unique and is tailored to use different areas and functions of ScriptMed based on need and licensing.

  • Technology

    ScriptMed is an enterprise application that scales to meet the highest standards of our Fortune 100 customers and utilizes an architecture and technical backbone built in the latest, most reliable technology.

  • Successes

    Software implementations are always complex projects and creehan & company takes great pride in its ScriptMed installations. From proper requirements gathering to assisting with client operating processes and building custom configurations, creehan has the experts to help make each ScriptMed installation go as smoothly as possible. Client Experiences \ Implementations

  • Integration

    ScriptMed has Standard Interfaces that are built into the application. creehan & company has also built custom interfaces to many client specific applications.

The ScriptMed goal is to use technology, health care expertise, and valued resources to improve patient care.

Advantage   Results
Managing Referrals, Patient Care, Service Levels & Pricing from one platform > Improved quality of care, more efficient operations and cost management controls
Centralized Technology > Increased Scalability and Process Controls
Clinical, Reimbursement, and Management. Staff all have specific roles and expertise centrally > Optimized Virtual Resources
Queue based, integrated dispensing and order fulfillment capabilities > More efficient site operations
Real-time patient data and workflow across operational, clinical and financial teams > Improved Quality of Care – better information and streamlined patient care coordination
Customized, protocol-driven processes facilitate consistent, measurable patient care services > Improved Service Levels with less training and fewer manual processes
Service Center Augmentative Services > Increased scalability, accelerated time to market, improved service levels 
Service Center “Bundled” Services > Increased patient care offerings, improved service levels, and market differentiating programs
creehan & company pharmacy expertise > Refined operational processes, high-value business model  
Project Partnership – combining ScriptMed’s Products and Services with > Evolution of ScriptMed technology and services to helps clients remain
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