ScriptMed Partner Collaboration

ScriptMed Partner Collaboration is a web-based portal that allows for, secure interactive patient care workflows to be established among pharmacies, physicians, clinics, and other healthcare providers.

  • Features
  • Modules
  • Customizable Interface

    The ScriptMed Partner Collaboration Interface is now fully responsive to support all media devices. This customizable interface supports physicians, nurses, account representatives and others models.

  • Collaborate Data Collects and Assessments

    Partner Collaboration allows the user to access real-time interventions in ScriptMed through data collects and or assessments.

  • Collaborator New Referral Module
  • Patient List Module
  • Collaboration Worksteps Module
  • Collaboration Requests Module
  • Patient Demographics Module
  • Patient Care Track Module
  • Patient Referral Detail Module
  • Patient Medication Profile Module
  • Patient Diagnostics Module
  • Patient Insurance Module
  • Patient Documents Module
  • Patient Correspondence Module
  • Patient Prior Authorization Module
  • Patient Clinical Assessment Trend
  • Patient Clinical Data Trend
  • Patient Notes Module
  • Collaborator Associations Module
  • Associations Module Selector
  • Announcements Module
  • Collaborator Data Module
  • Collaborator Drug Message Category Module
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