Our Clients

creehan & company clients encompass the entire healthcare delivery model across the spectrum of specialty drug dispensing including: pharmacy benefits managers, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, health plans/payers and wholesalers.

  • Pharmacy
  • Care Management
  • Specialty

    Manages clinical programs and reimbursement challenges for the biotech pharmacy & other high cost ancillary services.

  • Infusion Therapy

    Has expanding capabilities for coordinating complex infusion therapies.

  • Retail

    Successfully deployed into an integrated retail/specialty model.

  • Traditional Mail

    Used to fill traditional mail order prescriptions from multiple locations.

  • PBM

    Supports an integrated Health Plan/PBM/Specialty Business Model.

  • Physician

    Provides web-based tools to streamline communication & workflow.

  • Clinic

    Supports integrated specialty care in a clinic setting.

  • Pharma

    Facilitates drug programs, launches rebates, web reports & provides real-time data.

  • Wholesale

    Supports an integrated physician office distribution model.

  • Health Plan

    Integrates utilization management & disease management across all ancillary providers.

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