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creehan & company's PharmaSTAR Project Methodology organize the intricacies of the pharmacy industry into a structured project management methodology. Our certified Project Managers utilize time-tested methods and project templates to deliver on-time, on-budget projects for our clients. Effective communication and coordination are critical to any project's success. The combination of our great team - utilizing a quality process - to install a superior product has resulted in a 100 percent installation success rate.

  • PharmaSTAR Methodology
  • Care Management Framework
  • Methodology Objectives

Initiation The Initiation Phase starts the project. The project manager for both the creehan and Client team will be formally assigned to the project. The project kickoff meeting is conducted and...
Analysis & Scope The Analysis & Scope Phase is intended to review the current and future operational flows in relation to the desired project goals. Based on the analysis, the scope of the project...
Requirements The Requirements Phase will determine both the functional/business, care management and technical requirements of the project.  This will include...
Design The Design Phase will build on the Requirements Phase and determine the appropriate method of application set-up to meet the functional/business and...
Procurement Using the design documents, purchase orders will be created for the Client to use for actual procurement of the needed items. creehan & company will...
Construction/Development Construction/Development and Unit Testing will include all aspects of the ScriptMed application, associated hardware, ancillary software, peripherals, etc. All servers that are...
Testing SME Training will be conducted to train the Clients Subject Matter Experts in all functional areas of the ScriptMed application. At the end of training, the SME’s will...
Training Client SME’s will train the Client End Users on the ScriptMed Application as well as...
Implementation Implementation Phase includes planning for and reaching the “go-live” state. The production environment will be prepared using both business and...
Stabilization The Stabilization Phase extends for 4 week period beyond go-live and is intended to ensure the application is performing as expected. During this period...
Conclusion Support transition and introduction to the creehan Business Solutions Specialist and...

Care Management functionality provides a series of patient care interventions grouped in three distinct “tracks”. The tracks provide guidance in standardizing patient care for all patients belonging to a reference category throughout the duration of therapy.

  • Knowledge & Education
  • Compliance & Persistence
  • Management & Reporting

Program Cycles

The Care Management Program consists of three "cycles" Each of the cycles in the Patient Care Program is designed with progressive considerations for key phases in the course of therapy:

  • Prior to Therapy – The care management program design reflects clinical evaluation and intervention prior to the patient beginning therapy. These considerations will account for whether the patient is new to the therapy or is transitioning from another product.
  • First Cycle of Therapy – The program design reflects timely interventions during the patient’s first cycle on therapy where challenges are more likely to surface that may otherwise cause the patient to discontinue therapy.
  • Recurring Intervals – On specific recurring intervals, key compliance and patient knowledge assessments are conducted and evaluated that serve as markers for determining if the patient is having difficulty with therapy or is not realizing the expected benefits of the therapy. These events will be escalated so that the appropriate actions can be taken.
Care Management Framework

Company project goals are more attainable with a project methodology. The objectives of a project methodology will be achieved with an organization-wide understanding of the integration of life cycle principles, project principles and project tools.
Methodology Objectives: Predictability, Standard & Effective Communication, Identify & Communicate Risk, Quality, Repeatability and Capture & Evaluate Results

Life Cycle Principles

• Identify
• Design
• Construct
• Evaluate

Project Principles

• Answer and prove reasonable inquiries
• Measure and communicate progress
• Present work with consistency and quality
• The client & creehan must agree on a goal
• Escalate issues to ensure project success
• Evaluate and communicate risks
• Exhibit the creehan traits


• Deliverable templates
• Project internal templates
• Communication standards
• User guide
• External tools: knowledge & availability

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