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creehan & company is the healthcare technology industry’s leading third-party provider of SaaS and on-premise enterprise-wide software application platforms and implementation services for standalone specialty pharmacies and other industry players such as PBM’s drug manufacturers and distributors that operate in the specialty pharmacy market space. Built upon more than a decade of client collaboration, creehan & company proudly partners with leading industry health plans, pharmacy benefits management (PBM), retail and specialty pharmacy, and pharmaceutical companies to provide a comprehensive enterprise platform supporting the complete array of specialty pharmacy operational, clinical, financial, and regulatory needs from referral, order, and care management, to contract administration, inventory management, fulfillment, and pharma data management.

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ScriptMed Product Suite

ScriptMed is a suite of commercial software products offered by creehan & company to manage the complexities and challenges of the Specialty Pharmacy channel. These products include: ScriptMed Enterprise, ScriptMed Analytics, ScriptMed Partner Collaboration and our newest offering ScriptMed MyShare as well as SHARE which is in development. These best-in-class, robust, enterprise technologies are designed specifically to improve business processes, data management, and collaboration of the stakeholders in the Specialty Pharmacy channel. ScriptMed products are enabled by a full line of services including ScriptMed Assist, ScriptMed SaaS (hosting), ScriptMed SMART, and ScriptMed consulting.

ScriptMed Enterprise

The ScriptMed technology suite provides support for end-to-end pharmacy management, centralized “hub” operations, advanced patient care and clinical decision support, and robust business intelligence and clinical analytics. Taken into consideration are the necessary process flows of traditional pharmacy delivery models coupled with the value-added patient care and reimbursement requirements of the Specialty Pharmacy model.

As part of ScriptMed Enterprise, our Referral Management (Intake) functionality allows the “import”, or e-Referral, process to begin the intake process. Workflow can be dynamically configured to facilitate a streamlined on-boarding process specific to the therapy, drug, payer, etc. Needed forms and documents will be configured to support various authorization, programs, external communications, etc.

Care Management technology allows for flexibility through configuration to meet the ever-changing demands of complex therapies, partnerships, and patient-situations. Protocols will be designed and configured based on our customer’s specifications to systematically drive workflow and interventions for partners and stakeholders based on the therapy, therapy cycle, referral type, diagnosis, and many other key factors. Therapy-specific programs can be easily configured and managed over the course of therapy to facilitate timely patient interactions, physician interactions, Knowledge & Education, Adherence & Persistency, etc. Learn More

ScriptMed Partner Collaboration

Using Partner Collaboration, all health care partners can be provided real-time access to referral information, patient information, statuses, etc. via a secure web portal. In addition to real-time information sharing across health care partners, Partner Collaboration provides an “interactive” capability which allows functions to be shared, or externalized, with Collaborators. Using the interactive capabilities, a physician office can provide prior authorization information, lab values, intervention information, assessments, etc. directly via Partner Collaboration, which in turn will allow the workflow in ScriptMed Enterprise to continue in an automated, tracked, manner. Based on any data in ScriptMed , entered directly or via the Partner Collaboration portal, real-time escalation events can be triggered by the system based on configured rule-sets, or protocols. Learn More

ScriptMed MyShare

MYSHARE is available now and provides a robust self-service patient experience with self care features that are fully integrated into the ScriptMed Enterprise application. We believe this ScriptMed technology will be a 'game changer' for us and the industry. Our understanding of the specialty pharmacy process and technology required for this niche market differentiates us. Our team's experience, commitment, and dedication are what makes our client partnerships successful. Learn More

ScriptMed Analytics

Leveraging our Specialty Pharmacy domain expertise, our years of healthcare data analysis, and our robust ScriptMed Analytics tools, we are well-positioned to aggregate, manage, analyze, and report new information to help you quantify your impact and grow your business. ScriptMed Analytics product uses a star-schema architecture allowing for quick and detailed analysis capabilities. The multitude of data dashboards and charts allow for drill-down and drill-through capabilities providing rich data analysis with few mouse clicks. The Analytics product supports, inherently, data from the ScriptMed Enterprise product, but also allows for the import of external, or disparate, system data. Additionally, the information can be provided in a de-identified manner if desired. Learn More

ScriptMed Interchange

The ScriptMed Interchange platform as a Service allows for the real-time, secure, workflow-enabled exchange of patient information among your Specialty Pharmacy Network partners. For additional added value, we can include longitudinal de-identified patient data tracking, reporting, and analytics. Learn More

ScriptMed Coverage Helper

Coverage Helper is a cloud based solution to provide multiple tools to support the insurance verification process, from the initial coverage discover and dispense through the re-verification for refills. The Coverage Helper leverages the best of breed offerings for the various services and allows a client to select which services to use for their particular business needs. Learn More

ScriptMed Share

The ScriptMed Interchange platform as a Service allows for the real-time, secure, workflow-enabled exchange of patient information among your Specialty Pharmacy Network partners. For additional added value, we can include longitudinal de-identified patient data tracking, reporting, and analytics. Learn More

ScriptMed SaaS

The ScriptMed Data Center was expanded in order to offer hosting services for all prospective clients. This state-of-the-art technical center enables clients the ability to access all of the power of ScriptMed without having to make the financial investment in the technical infrastructure needed to run the application. Learn More

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