Our Expertise

With a strong client base and numerous strategic relationships, creehan & company has assembled the richest business and technology expertise in the market.

Consistent Goals

The goals of creehan & company have remained constant since 1990: Find quality people, perform quality work, have fun, and make some money. Our people built the creehan reputation that keeps our clients coming back... we deliver solutions and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. We have a staff that enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions and ensure our clients are not only getting what they asked for, but also what they need.

Skills Breakdown
The people at creehan & company are critical to our success. Over 50 percent of our staff is comprised of pharmacy and technology experts that have over 15 years of experience in the pharmacy industry. Over 25 percent of the company has been with creehan & company for over 10 years. The results are obvious: Our people know the business and deliver the consistent results that clients have come to expect from creehan & company.
Over the years, creehan & company has garnered a wide variety of clients within the healthcare market. Click here for an overview of our client types. For more specific client information, please contact us.
creehan & company works with clients to create bold business plans and financial modeling, as well as implement efficient processes and emerging technologies. A few areas include: 
  • Business analysis and strategic planning 
  • Definition of workflow and processes in prescription fulfillment 
  • Staffing Models 
  • Software and automation selection Software and automation implementation 
  • Develop databases to support Pharma partner initiatives 
  • Patient contact/call center development 
  • Website development and integration
To ensure success in creehan & company projects, we needed to develop a reliable, repeatable, and measurable format to follow. We built and implemented our PharmaSTAR Project Methodology, a tool that keeps our projects on track and facilitates communication with our clients. Learn more about PharmaSTAR Project Methodology.
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