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ScriptMed's powerful protocol-driven education, compliance programs, data collection, and reporting capabilities optimize new patient experiences, streamline prescriber interactions, and ensure therapeutic success. ScriptMed supports: SP Triage Programs, New Product Launches, Referral Management, as well as Compliance Programs.

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ScriptMed Specialty Pharmacy

ScriptMed InterChange

The ScriptMed Interchange platform as a Service allows for the real-time, secure, workflow-enabled exchange of patient information among your Specialty Pharmacy Network partners. For additional added value, we can include longitudinal de-identified patient data tracking, reporting, and analytics. Learn More

ScriptMed SP Analytics

ScriptMed SP Analytics is a business intelligence solution designed for the ScriptMed suite that supports advanced analytics for Manufacturers, Managed Care Organizations, and Referral Sources. This program leverages the existing, robust data collection and reporting functionality of ScriptMed. Learn More

ScriptMed Share

Share is a repository for specialty pharmacy channel sponsors to house content that can be used to define Specialty Pharmacy programs to be delivered by or to their respective Specialty Pharmacy channel partner. It is a technology-enabled service offering that will objectively support SP Channel programs and enable advanced channel contracting without disrupting stakeholder-to-stakeholder contracting.