ScriptMed Share

Share is a repository for specialty pharmacy channel sponsors to house content that can be used to define Specialty Pharmacy programs to be delivered by or to their respective Specialty Pharmacy channel partner. It is a technology-enabled service offering that will objectively support SP Channel programs and enable advanced channel contracting without disrupting stakeholder-to-stakeholder contracting.

  • Vision
  • Features
  • Sponsors

    Sponsors (manufacturers, payers, other) provide content and rules that are housed in Share.

  • Program Consumer

    Program Consumer (HUB, specialty pharmacy) qualify a patient for Share content.

  • Content Consumer

    Content Consumer (HUB, specialty pharmacy, health care professional, patient) access and use Share content.

  • Effectiveness

    Sponsor can measure the effectiveness of content.

  • Integration

    Integrates with ScriptMed Enterprise through Tri-Pane, MyShare, and Collaboration. ScriptMed Enterprise not required for Program Consumer participation.

Share Cloud
  • Intervention Program Qualification Manager
  • Sponsor Registration Manager
  • Participation Registration Manager
  • Participant Subscription Manager
  • Sponsor/Subscriber Subscription Manager
Share Admin Website
  • Patient Entry
  • Execute and Display Content
  • Execute and Display Assessments
  • Patient Opt-in/Opt-out Configuration Manager
  • Share Clinical Data Summary
  • Review Care Events by Status
  • Patient Share Library Repository Module
  • Care Event Execution Module
  • Trigger Intervention Requests to Share
  • Repository for Share Care Event Data
  • Receive Share Data from Cloud
  • Display Clinical Data Summary
  • Receive Share Data
  • Share Data Charting Tools
  • Share Library Repository Module
  • Share Clinical Data Summary Module
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