ScriptMed Interchange

The ScriptMed Interchange platform as a Service allows for the real-time, secure, workflow-enabled exchange of patient information among your Specialty Pharmacy Network partners. For additional added value, we can include longitudinal de-identified patient data tracking, reporting, and analytics. Specialty Pharmacies and Hubs powered by ScriptMed Enterprise are fully integrated. For others, we offer a rich ScriptMed Interchange API, or fax transformation services.

  • Features
  • Cloud
  • One Connection to Many

    One connection to ScriptMed Interchange Cloud gives you access to many different partners.

  • Guaranteed Delivery of eReferral

    ScriptMed Interchange connectivity is included in our ScriptMed Enterprise software. ScriptMed Enterprise is not required for participation in ScriptMed Interchange.

  • Expedites patient start of therapy and continuation of therapy.
  • Synchronizes bi-directional eReferral, status, and other patient-centric data exchanges.
  • Establishes de-identified longitudinal patient tracking among SP Network partners.
  • Includes automated fail-over and generation of fax documents for guaranteed delivery.
  • Tracks turnaround times from sender, to receiver, to patient dispense.
  • Supports integrated non-PHI text or email notifications.
  • Facilitates electronic entry reducing manual data entry errors.
  • Creates agnostic work-flow integration that easily extends to other collaborative data exchanges.
  • Supports program-specific Start Form data.
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